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The DDCC has announced a concept for the development of the (soon to be demolished) Cooperative Building Site. We call it the Garden & Market although this is a working title only. Based on a traditional town market it is a place where people can gather, hold events, promote, trade and socialise.

The aim is to develop regular town markets, ad hoc and pop-up events. We hope to stimulate local trade and to attract visitors.

The impression is by Tom Watt artist and Darvel resident. It shows a town market including a covered area where trading stalls can be set up. There will be sitting areas, gardens and walls built from stone and artefacts reclaimed from the Cooperative Building. We envisage it being used by local businesses, volunteer groups, service providers, clubs and the community of Darvel.

Darvel and the surrounding area already has a strong network of local artisans producing craft, food, jewellery, accessories, cards and clothes. Fairs are regularly organised on an ad hoc basis. The Market will act as a focal point for producers and sellers growing what is already a healthy cottage industry.

Whilst there are many obstacles ahead in making this concept a reality, early indications are very positive from East Ayrshire Council and from our elected representatives.

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