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Welcome to the new Darvel Magazine published by the Darvel & District Community Council (DDCC). This is the best place to find out about the town and community of Darvel and surrounding areas.

The aim of the Darvel Magazine is to inform the community and visitors, make connections and provide useful, easy to find content. We are friendly and vibrant community with a strong tradition of community participation. We hope that long time residents, new residents, visitors and the curious will be able to see what a great place Darvel is for families to live, work and play.

The town of Darvel is located at the head of the Irvine Valley on the busy A71. As such it is an important gateway and first impression for travellers to East Ayrshire.

It sits in an area of rich and colourful history including the Battle of Loudoun Hill, Covenanters, Lace Manufacturing and, of course, it is where Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin was born, went to school and retained an affinity with throughout his remarkable life.

Sir Alexander Fleming is arguably the most unsung scientific hero of the 20th Century and the only Ayrshire person to appear on the cover of Time Magazine.

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