Author: Linda Jane McCurrach

We are a constituted group of Volunteer Companions (moving into Charitable Organisation Status soon) who sit with people who are dying in the final 48 hours of their lives.  Also offering respite to those with families who need a break.  We provide training and ongoing support to help empower the community to help the community.  We do this through monthly Companion Support Meetings and Supervision.

We ultimately aim to break down taboos and fears around death and dying and bring our communities back to the view that death is a natural and sacred rite of passage, as many cultures still understand.  In this day and age, with many people living longer and families scattered all over the globe, this is a very worthwhile and in demand service.  

If you’re interested in volunteering, please get in touch.  We will provide training and cover travel expenses.  In addition, Sacred Care, Dumfries House, Cumnock have also offered to provide regular Complimentary Therapies for all Companions to help with self-nurturing.

We are looking for more Companions, Board Members, Fundraisers and a Digital Expert. We should be ready to accept referrals at the beginning of May.

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