Representatives from DDCC and the Darvel Improvement Group (DIG) met with officials from East Ayrshire Council (EAC) on Wed 20th March to have a preliminary discussion about the Darvel Garden & Market Project.

George Gardner, DDCC Secretary reported…

“We are pleased to report that the meeting went really well. The officials were very supportive, and some key actions were agreed.

The Council will seek formal agreement from Historic Environment Scotland to demolish the cooperative building and prepare the contract for demolition. That contract will include provision for salvaging the sandstone, black marble and signage which will be used on the site.

The officials will now prepare a report to be considered by EAC’s Cabinet at its meeting either on 17 April or 1 May which, if accepted, will release funding to begin work on the development of the site.

We will also begin on preparing a detailed plan based on our artists impression which will form the basis of a planning application. Two further meetings with officials are being scheduled for April or early May.”

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