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The Darvel Lottery is pleased to announce a growth in funds for the third month running. In January the total fund was £1,515, February £1,600 and in March it is £1,625.

Including March, we have now produced £4,765 split evenly between the Community Fund and the Prize Fund. We have released £1,000 and thanks to the enormous generosity of a life-long Darvel resident we have an additional £500 for the Community Fund this month.

5 projects were proposed to receive funds and we are in the process to evaluating the vote and the practicality of each proposal. A decision will be made at the next DDCC Meeting on Tue 26th March and announced soon afterwards.

Many thanks to all of you who have joined and contributed to the successful first three months of the Darvel Lottery. If you know of friends, family or neighbours who would like to join the Darvel Lottery and help our community and town develop go to our website.

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