Author: Agnes Wilson

Many years ago, my uncle told me of ‘the soldier’s grave’ near Loudoun Hill. He knew where it was, but I couldn’t find it from his directions. He said it could be seen from the road.

When I asked locally about it I didn’t get a response. Then, I heard that a party of Darvel men had gone to examine it when Tilcon were starting to quarry and apparently there was no evidence of what it was.

I dismissed it as being local folk lore and largely forgot about it until there was an enquiry on a family history forum asking if anyone knew about the soldiers grave at Loudoun Hill. There were a few theories about what happened, but with soldiers dying in battle or heading home to Edinburgh and dying en route. They would have been buried where they fell.

I don’t think we will ever know for sure if the Soldiers Grave at Loudoun Hill is truth or myth, Unless, of course, someone from the community knows what it was and, even better, where it is.

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