Author: Steve Gillies

We have some encouraging news. The Band Hall, Mair’s Road is in the Darvel hit parade (showing my age there!) of derelict eyesore buildings.

It is owned by East Ayrshire Council (EAC) but it can’t just be demolished as it is a listed building. To justify demolition consent must be sought and approved and, to do that, we need proof as to its condition.

This is where the encouraging news comes in. EAC has commissioned a structural engineer’s report along with a supporting statement from conservation architects. Both are currently being prepared. Once these are obtained EAC can proceed. If demolition is the favoured option, permissions can be granted, and demolition scheduled.

Whilst this seems a bit of a process it is all necessary and it is encouraging that steps are being taken. One by one we hope to see all the eyesore building in Darvel re-purposed, re-developed or removed.

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