Who knew that Darvel has a Coat of Arms? Granted on 26th Oct 1956 the arms are a heraldic version of the Burgh Seal (Burgh status was granted in 1873).

According to Heraldry of the World…

 “The arms are a heraldic version of the device on the 1893 Burgh seal. The livery colours appear to have no special significance, the distaff and shuttle represent the weaving industry (mostly lace and madras manufacturing) and the black roundel with its golden estoile a local variety of lamp called a ‘crusie’. The black and silver colours in the chief could also allude to the banner of the Knights Templar.

The Latin motto “Non Sibi Sed Cunctis” means “Not for themselves but for all”

Seems apt for the friendly, supportive and inclusive place that Darvel is today.

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