The Darvel Lottery has announced a special community event called Darvel from Dawn to Dusk in which everyone can participate. The aim is to create digital memory of a day in the life of the Darvel Community. It will take place on Sat 29th June 2019 (near enough midsummers day).

To take part all you need to do is to take a few snapshot photographs through the day. These will be blended into a record of activities, scenes, people and events. The hope is to show a diversity of activities, the community having fun, everyday life and showcasing some of the flora, fauna and scenery in and around out town.

To ensure we capture activities throughout the day time-slots will be published on-line which you can ‘reserve’. However, the aim is to have fun and a snap taken when inspiration takes hold is just as good. Weather permitting the first photo will be sunrise from the top of Loudoun Hill (yes, we’ll be looking for volunteers!) and the last photo sunset from the same place.

It is hoped that we can capture a range of scenes and activities. It could be something everyday like shopping, walking the dog, taking kids to sports, mowing the lawn or chatting to neighbours. Anything that depicts everyday life in our wee town. Or, it may be a town scene, country view, river view, flora or fauna. If it is in the Darvel area anything (within reason!) goes. Maybe a special event if it happens to fall on the date.

If you are not in Darvel on the 29th June, you can still take part. Wherever you are, take a selfie with a notice saying Darvel Dawn to Dusk from [Location]. This way you can take part from other parts of Scotland, France, Spain, USA or anywhere. The only stipulation is that you must be part of the Darvel Community.

There will be more promotion and instruction as the date gets closer but, in the meantime, we hope that you find this community exercise worth supporting. There will be prizes. One for the photo that captures the ‘spirit of Darvel’ best and one that everyone in the DDCC Group or Darvel Lottery Member can win even if you don’t take part.

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