In 2014 a steering group of residents, including representatives of Darvel & District Community Council (DDCC) and Darvel Improvement Group (DIG), compiled the DARVEL & DISTRICT COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN 2014-2019. Now that we are nearing the end point of the plan, we now need to move to the next phase. There are 4 elements in the process

DDCC agreed that an Action Planning Steering Group be set up to take forward the various activities that will be necessary in reviewing the 2014-2019 Community Action Plan and formulating the 2020-2025 Community Action Plan. The Steering group, again with representatives from DDCC, DIG and the wider community, is currently undertaking the work associated with this development and has met on two occasions

The outline timetable for this work is shown in the table below.


Placemaking is a process where local people consider their priorities for the improvement of the places they live – the physical make-up of the town, the buildings and the open or green spaces. It involves the East Ayrshire Council and the Action Planning Steering Group working together to co-produce a map of the community to identify which areas need improvement and how these improvements might be made. This will be produced in tandem with the Community Action Plan

The map and action programme represent the wishes of each community. Control of that content lies with the Community Steering Group which works with the Council to compile them prior to the adoption of the plan


The membership of the Action Planning Steering Group is as follows

Christine Campbell, Neil Dunipace, Frank Donnelly (Secretary), Max Flemmich, George Gardner (Chair), Steve Gillies (IT support), Louise Hughes (Vibrant Communities), Les Pittams, Stephen Proctor, Jane Slider, Ucilla Wilson

The Action Planning Steering Group will have scope to second interested parties where an input is considered to appropriate.

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