Author: Steve Gillies

I joined the Darvel Talk & Walk Group this week for their regular Monday morning outing. Glad to report it was great fun and a splendid way to start the week.

The group was started about 6 years ago and since then have regularly led walks around the Darvel area and further afield. The idea is to gain some light exercise, socialise and chat. I met up with 12 keen walkers in Hastings Square and immediately felt welcome and in good company.

The walk actually started in Newmilns, first heading down the riverside until we reached the Big Wood on the easterly side of Loudoun Gowf Club. Carefully crossing the A71 we entered the wood and followed a gentle incline through a carpet of bluebells and alongside some picture-perfect riverside scenery. We were lucky with the weather as the sun pierced through the tree canopy painting the landscape with shades of light, dust motes and flickering shadow.

The talk part of the walk & talk is just as important and enjoyable as the walking. It just takes its natural course and you get a chance to chat about family, news and events or whatever along the way. As you walk conversation flows and you get a chance to talk to everyone if you want to. The group is very friendly and welcoming. It recognises that camaraderie can combat isolation for some walkers, and it is encouraged.

We stopped for a few photographs heading from the top end of the Big Wood towards Newmilns before descending Jacobs Ladder and heading into the Bobbin Café for some well-earned tea, coffee and breakfast rolls.

The Twalking Group has a regular Monday morning walk throughout the year (come rain, snow and wind) starting at 9:30am and also a summertime Tuesday evening walk starting at 7:00pm. It’s social and fun just walking and chatting in fellowship with members of our local community. Several of the Twalkers were new to the Darvel area and said it was a good way of getting to know people and to gain an appreciation of the countryside, traditions and history.

If you want to take part contact Rachael Savage by email or on telephone 07568 381695. I recommend it.

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