Author: Alistair Owen

Living with cancer?  We can help you become more active to improve your health and wellbeing.

Move More is a national campaign from Macmillan that is operating across all local authorities in Scotland.  Vibrant Communities has entered in partnership with Macmillan to deliver the Move More programme in East Ayrshire.  So what is Move More and why is it important?

There is a growing body of evidence coming through now that being active while living with cancer is vital in maintaining your health.  Fatigue is the number one side effect reported by people affected by cancer, particularly while going through treatment. While the message used to be ‘rest is best’ we now know that not being active or not moving enough can result in deconditioning of the muscles, which in turn can make fatigue worse rather than better.   Further research is now showing that being active can play a vital role in slowing disease progression and in some cases help prevent reoccurrence along with adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Move More’s role in this is to provide those living with cancer an opportunity to become more active.  This doesn’t mean going to a gym to lift heavy weights or run in a treadmill, rather we provide activities that are aimed at rehabilitating those living with cancer and getting them back to activities they did before, or opening up opportunities to those who were never previously active.  We will support you for 12months to become more active.  The sessions for the Cancer Rehabilitation Circuit classes are free for 12 sessions.  All other of the activities are free

There are 4 activities within the Move More programme;

Our current time table looks like;

We work closely with the NHS Ayrshire and Arran who refer on to our programme. We work in partnership with Dumfries House who have helped establish links with in the community of Cumnock and Doon Valley.   We are looking to work closely with the community in the Irvine Valley to promote referrals to the Darvel class on a Wednesday afternoon.  You don’t need to have been referred by a GP or Nurse, you can self-refer to Move More. If you, or someone you know would benefit from taking part in the Move More project, then please contact me on 01563 576354 or Alistair Owen.

As the Move More programme is part of Vibrant Communities, we can support you to attend any of the classes as part of the Fit for Life programme.  This can include the Yoga classes and there is one that is held at the Loudon Church, Newmilns on a Friday morning.  

We have been invited to host a walk at the Irvine Valley Walking Festival and it leaves from the Hub, Brown Street, Newmilns at 2pm on Friday 10th May.  Anyone who wishes to come along can do so by getting in touch with the Move More team on the phone number above.

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