Author: Steve Gillies

East Ayrshire Council’s Housing Revenue Account has announced £20,000 available to Darvel which will be allocated to Environmental Improvement projects selected through a Participatory Budgeting Process.

Participatory Budgeting is a way to ensure that local people play a key role in deciding how public money is spent.

A meeting was held at the Town Hall on Thu 16th May to make the announcement and to identify volunteers to be in the Steering Group that will manage the process. The money is to be allocated to environmental improvements. Any Darvel resident can propose a project to receive funds but it will only be Council Tenants who can vote on how the funds are allocated.

A variety of improvement projects can be proposed including but not limited to fencing, gates, landscaping of common areas, parking area improvements, benches, wall reinstatement and planters.

A Darvel Steering Group is being formed that will determine and managed the PB process making sure that as many people as possible can participate and have an opportunity to propose and vote on improvement areas.

If you would like to be on the Steering Group contact Kevin Hamilton, Customer Liaison Office Housing & Communities on 01563 553591 or

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