Author: Steve Gillies

Imagine if back-in-the-day we all had mobile phones like we do today. With the ability to take high quality photos anytime, anyplace. Just when the moment happens or when the muse takes hold. Instead of hazy memories with a few grainy photos we would have a near complete record of life in Darvel for future generations.

That, in part, is what the Darvel Dawn to Dusk Project is all about. The idea is to capture a day in the life of the Darvel Community which can be used to showcase our town to visitors, people thinking of moving here, businesses and even third sector investors. Many ‘match funders’ will only consider community investments if the community can show they are involved, engaged and passionate about improving where they live. This is a chance for us to show what Darvel is all about – a friendly, energetic, compassionate and vibrant community.

That’s the serious side. But it’s also about having some fun. Anyone can take part either by taking ‘snaps’ or being in photo moments. The date we have chosen is Sat 29th June and there is a lot happening in the town on that day. Volunteers across Darvel are planning the Dawn to Dusk Project, a Family Fun Day, a Public Yoga Demonstration, the Community Planning Market & more to come. We are busy, busy, busy…

So, if you can please put Sat 29th June in your diary. Make sure your mobile phones are charged up and get ready to capture our village in action. We hope to get photos of the beautiful scenery we live in; of people supporting the community; activities like walking, cycling or bowling; and of everyday errands like shopping, gardening or just chatting with neighbours over the fence.

The Dawn to Dusk Event is a Darvel & District Community Council (DDCC) initiative set up by the Darvel Lottery and the Darvel Magazine.

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