Author: Fay Williams

Everyone uses or at least knows someone who uses social media these days. It’s a tried and tested method of advertising your business for free with great return.

Whilst social media can be addictive and time consuming it can also be highly beneficial to businesses (small, medium or large) that embrace it. Darvel needs a bit of a boost to it’s trade so any help is welcome, right?

Here are few tips to boost your page, they may be small changes but the impact will make a huge difference to your business.

  1. Create a Facebook Page if you do not already have one for your business. Make sure it is a business page and not a personal profile, Facebook will shut pages down that are created for the wrong purpose.
  2. Make sure you have the correct opening times available on your page. Many people will go to Facebook to find businesses rather than Google.
  3. Ensure you have messaging turned on, and if you are unable to reply instantly, set up an automatic reply. That way your customers get a reply straight away and know that you are on the case!
  4. Make sure to post frequently, perhaps not multiple times a day, but enough to keep your page followers engaged.
  5. Finally, let your followers in on how your business is changing. If you are planning on changing your opening times post it on Facebook in advance, if you are getting a new addition such as a card machine your customers will want and need to know.

These are just a few basics, but enough to get you started! Be sure to use the hashtag #ShopDarvel when you post on Facebook, that will help keep followers and non-followers in the loop!

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