Author: Fay Williams

Following on from my last article, Facebook really is a great piece of kit for any business. With near enough everybody being on Facebook these days, you can reach people that have never been one of your customers. Word of mouth is the most valuable source of marketing, because its come from people who have bought from you or used your services. Facebook works in the same way. Customers can leave reviews and share their experiences with those who may be looking into using your services.

Having a good follower count of local people will really help your business thrive, but getting them can sometimes be tricky and time consuming.

When posting on Facebook it’s important that your posts are engaging. Pictures are always the best way to grab someone’s attention. Emojis are also a great way to catch someone’s eye, but they can make or break a post. Emojis, when used sparingly and appropriately are really that extra something. A good example of using both emojis and pictures is taking a look at a Darvel Pet Supplies page.

This post is engaging, with a very short message. Long messages bore your followers, not only are they likely to scroll past your post, they may also unfollow your page altogether!

Don’t overdo it with emojis, it will make your post seem unprofessional and not well thought out. A good picture showing a product or service you offer is always good, especially if it’s one of your bestsellers!

Posting regularly on Facebook will help keep your followers engaged and in the loop at all times. Always remember, if something about your business is changing, let them know!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #ShopDarvel whenever you post on your business page!

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