The Big Darvel Questions Survey is beginning to reveal some common likes and dislikes. We like the fact that Darvel is situated in beautiful countryside, we love the spirit and friendliness of the local community, the fact that we live in a very low crime area and we positively enjoy locally organised activities, walking, cycling, kids play areas and schools.

We really don’t like deteriorating buildings on our main street, we don’t enjoy dog poo littering our streets, we don’t want ‘junkies’ in our community and we think the bus company is ripping us off with unnecessarily high fares and poor service.

So far, so good. However, we need more input from the community. So, if you haven’t already completed please complete the printed version posted through your door or the on-line version found here. This is not an academic exercise – we need to hit a 60% completion target for our Community Action Plan to attract funds. Help us help you to improve where we live and the community we live in.

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