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Community Action Plan Examples

The following list provides some specific examples of how our town and community could be developed. They are provided for reference and may inspire you to think of other areas as well.

  • Continue to improve the appearance of the town centre – tackle the next eyesore which is the Turf Hotel; upgrade the Sir Alexander Fleming Memorial in Hastings Square; look at possibility of gable end murals.
  • Look at ways in which open spaces/derelict land could be better used – demolition of the factory in Jamieson Road and identify alternative use; identify other sites which could be improved by some community landscaping
  • Make Darvel’s Garden and Market a success – ways in which this community space can be used; ensuring the security of the facility; encouraging the community to assist in the ongoing maintenance such as cleaning, weeding and planting
  • Improve Darvel’s riverbank along the Irvine – tidy up the waterlip walk; develop the riverbank in Morton Park as a haven for wildlife
  • Review public transport requirements – a more regular service from Priestland to Kilmarnock; challenge Stagecoach on their bus charges; introduce a public transport link to Strathaven
  • Making Darvel an attractive place to visit – continue to promote the attractions of the town – its heritage; access to the countryside; improving the paths network; supporting the role of Darvel as a music town
  • Tackling antisocial behaviour – ensuring continued high visibility of police in the town; continued attention given to dog fouling and littering; support for the wide range of activities offered by Darvel Sports for young people; more facilities for young people
  • Supporting vulnerable groups – continuing the good work of voluntary organisation in supporting the elderly vulnerable groups; a focus on the mental health of residents of the town
  • Addressing the issues of speeding – propose further speed restrictions in the town; identify areas where further traffic calming measures could be introduced; raise concerns about the amount of heavy traffic using the A 71
  • Improving the quality of services in the area – Are there areas where some improvements could be made – the school and nursery facilities; access to health care and support; supporting Darvel Library to ensure its continued existence in the town; future use of the town hall and how it can be maintained
  • Supporting the local businesses and cottage industries – ways in which the town and East Ayrshire Council can continue to encourage local people to “start-up” their own businesses; forming a local business association.
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