FAQ’s re the Darvel Dawn to Dusk Project. This document will be added to over time…

What is the aim of the Dawn to Dusk Project?

The primary aim of the project is to create a historical record of a day in the life of our town, community and surrounding areas. We hope to create a gallery of photographs that showcase how vibrant our community is and what a great place Darvel is to live, work or visit.

The aim of the event is to produce a digital memory of a day in the life of the Darvel, Priestland (and surrounding areas) Community. The day we have chosen is Saturday 29th June. Weather permitting the first photo will be a view of Loudoun Hill at sunrise and the last from the same location at sunset.

What will be produced?

An online gallery of photographs which will be used to produce short ‘video’ productions on themes (e.g. sport, work, community). These will be used to promote our town and community on-line and at events.

We also plan to produce an exhibition of our best photographs and a photograph book showcasing our town and community.

How can I participate?

Anyone with a camera or mobile phone can participate. We want as many photographs as possible.

Take photographs throughout the day. If you are attending any of the events planned you’ll be in good company. Even if you are having an ordinary uneventful day we still want to capture what folks are doing. Remember, this may form a historical record for future generation to see what Darvel was like in 2019.

How do I submit the photographs?

We will provide a Facebook Group to upload photographs to. We ask you to provide a brief description of the subject matter and the time and place the photograph was taken. Please ensure that you have the permission of any people in the photograph. You can see a copy of our Darvel Dawn to Dusk Use Agreement.

If you don’t have access to Facebook an email address will also be provided nearer the time.

If you don’t have access to the internet we will make alternative arrangements.

What kind of photographs are required?

We are looking for a variety of photographs that showcase our town, the area we live in and our community. We don’t want to be prescriptive so let your imagination free and snap whatever you think showcases our community…

Can I participate if I’m not in Darvel?

Yes. If you are travelling on business or holiday take (group) selfie with a small hand made banner saying “[Name 1, Name 2….Name N], Darvel Dawn to Dusk from [Location]” replacing location with wherever you are. For example “Joe & Janette supporting Darvel Dawn to Dusk from Miami”. The only stipulation is that you must be a member, a friend or have a family connection with the Darvel Community.

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